Sunrise RI

Fossil fuel billionaires are stealing our future. We're fighting back.

We're building an army of young people in Rhode Island to stop climate change and create thousands of good jobs in the process.

We demand climate justice

The climate crisis is already happening right here in Rhode Island. Extreme weather events are growing more intense, shifting ocean conditions are affecting fishing stocks, and asthma rates from fossil fuel pollution are among the worst in the country. Across the board, it's indigenous people, people of color, and poor and working people who are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis.

The youth of Rhode Island have had enough. The climate crisis is happening now, but it's young people who will face its worst effects. We demand a Green New Deal for Rhode Island that will create thousands of good jobs and ensure a livable future for all.

The Green New Deal

We've had decades of politicians advocating for small, gradual change and trusting corporations to do the right thing. It hasn't worked.

The Green New Deal is a ten-year mobilization that addresses the climate crisis at the scale that science and justice demand. The Green New Deal means transitioning to 100% renewable energy, creating millions of good-paying green jobs, investing in our nation's infrastructure, building out world-class public transportation, protecting frontline communities, and ensuring a livable future for all.

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